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Open data has great potential to generate benefits. In fact, it has been said that the data is the new oil, because, although they have an intrinsic value, both need to “refine” or transform themselves in some way to reach their maximum potential. When data from the public sector can be obtained and reused, they allow people, organisations and even the administrations themselves to innovate and collaborate in new ways.



With the opening of information and access of citizens to it, is achieved to improve levels of transparency; citizens can form an objective opinion on the state of society, public institutions and managing them; corruption is avoided; public participation in government decisions is encouraged; It increases the quality of political decision-making processes; It allows citizens and social organizations to assert their rights; grows the confidence of citizens in governance processes; increases efficiency in public administration, and thus its competitiveness, legitimizing the actions of the managing.


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Transparency Indicators ITA-2017 (2020)

A.2.5 The detailed list of all official vehicles (owned, rented, or assigned) attached to the City Council (including those dedicated to...

A.2.5 La relación detallada de todos los vehículos oficiales adscritos al Ayuntamiento


Transparency Indicators ITA-2017 (2020)

C.2.3 The information on the average period of payment to suppliers is published in accordance with the rules of budgetary stability.

C.2.3 Período medio de pago a proveedores


Transparency Indicators ITA-2017 (2020)

D.3.2 It publishes information on the effective cost of services provided by the City (based on the regulations of Order HAP / 2075/2014).

D.3.2 Coste efectivo de los Servicios prestados por el Ayuntamiento

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